1999 - 2013

The home of our first program site, Russia is the birthplace of the OSI.  While our mission has evolved since then, our name still reflects the initial purpose of our first programs in Russia.

Novokuznetsk & Kemerovo

Over the course of a decade, OSI-Russia provided long-term care for over a hundred children in three orphanages in Kemerovo, Novokuznetsk, and nearby Abashevo village.  In the early years of our program our focus was on caring for the children's individual needs within the orphanages, as well as completing numerous large-scale projects to improve the facilities of the homes (see below).

As these children became young-adults, our focus turned to helping them gain the skills and confidence to be able to live independently.  In Novokuznetsk OSI helped establish a supervised transitional home where our eldest youth could live semi-independently while establishing themselves in secure professions and futures.  Today, from university graduates to vocational diploma holders, in professions of their choosing, we are proud to see most of these young adults secure and independent.

Projects & Events

Below are special projects and events that OSI provided for our Russia children
Graduate Home
Novokuznetsk | August 2007
Remodel & furnishing of our transitional youth home...
Altai Mountain Camp
Novokuznetsk | July 2007
A week of hiking and camping in the beautiful Altai Mountains...
Black Sea
Novokuznetsk | July 2007
A week at the seaside...
Community/Music Room
Abashevo | July 2006
Reconstruction of recreation room...
Equipped Sewing Room
Novokuznetsk | July 2006
Equipped sewing room for vocational training...
New Beds
Kemerovo | May 2006
Twenty-seven new beds...
Bathing Room Reconstruction
Kemerovo | October 2005
Reconstruction, and fitting of bathing room...
Recreation & Computer Room
Abashevo | July-August 2005
Reconstruction, furnishing, & equipping...
Recreation & Computer Room
Novokuznetsk | July-August 2005
Reconstruction, furnishing, & equipping...
Dormitory Remodel/Refurnishing
Novokuznetsk | July 2005
Remodel and furnishing of boys dormitory...
Novokuznetsk | February 2005
Remodel, furnishing, and stocking of book and video library...
Computer Room
Kemerovo | August-September 2004
Construction, furnishing, & equiping of computer room...


Program Site Sponsor

Peter Reinhardt (USA)
For its entire duration, Peter Reinhardt was steadfast sponsor of OSI-Russia's administrative effort, the unsung foundation of all that OSI accomplished in Russia.

Program Liaison

Olga Kharitonova
Olga's heartfelt commitment to disadvantaged children in her community was the driving force behind her efforts as OSI-Russia liaison.  Olga's tireless tanacity in advocating for our children made her as dear to them as she was to OSI.

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