Sunset Villa


In our efforts to provide higher education opportunties for our students, as well as independent/transitional living assistance to our eldest youth, in 2011 we found ourselves needing to provide private boarding facilities/care for a record 10 youth.  Instead of separate scattered boarding facilities, we had the idea to rent our own home for this period of 2-3 years, where all of our youth could reside together, with a resident matron to look after them.  This would also be more economical, as well as give us the means to provide comprehensive care for these youth, control their nutrition, pursue medical/dental exams, and provide daily counseling.
This dream was realized by the generosity and personal attention of OSI donor Charlyne Yi, who provided funding for the initial leasing of the property, complete refurbishing, and most of the furnishing/stocking.   Labour was performed voluntarily by Nick himself, and the result was our colourful, purpose-designed "Sunet Villa" home!
After a couple memorable years, our elder girls gradually achieved financial and personal independence and 'graduated' out of Sunset Villa, while a couple of our students completed their local studies.  So in 2014, no longer able to operate the home economically with the few remaining youth, we found quality private boarding for these and Sunset Villa was brought to a close.


Home Reconstruction

While we identified an ideal existing home for our purpose, available for a minimal lease, the home required extensive refurbishing.  All of the plumbing and electrical fixtures were replaced, some structural reconstruction performed, and the entire home remodeled.  Finally, the entire home was furnished and stocked to accommodate 10 youth and a resident Matron.  Below are a few before/after photos:

Our Home

More photos of our completed home:

Life at Sunset Villa

Besides the diversity of their situations, Sunset Villa combined Sinhala and Tamil children, Hindus and Buddhists, learning and sharing each other's traditions, cultures, and languages.  Below are a few photos of our time at Sunset Villa:


"Sunset Villa" is the largest single project OSI has accomplished.  Again, we are primarily indebted to the initiative and generosity of Charlyne Yi from the USA for giving us the opportunity to establish the home.  Charlyne also continued to fund all maintenance costs for the home for its duration.  And most happily, Charlyne visited our home and was a great inspiration and joy for our girls!
We are grateful to numerous other donors for other substantial contributions to our home, including Rusi & Sharmila Captain, Robin Macdonald, Nicholas Tummillo,and Ron & Brenda Cornelius for home appliances and other furnishings, all of which continue to be utilized by our youth at their present residences!
For the duration of the home, Jennifer Meleana Hee providing our Matron's salary and Alok Pandya covered our monthly lease.
Carole Marks provided for our children's medical/hygiene/welfare expenses, -something we pursued pro-actively, each child having full medical, dental, and vision exams and all discovered issues addressed.
And finally, we are grateful to our children's personal sponsors for providing for each girl's individual needs!
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