Fire Rehabilitation

September 2011

Meet two of our children, siblings Murayas and his sister Sahira.  Their mother is a widow who struggles to support her children on her meager tea-picker's salary.  They live in simple quarters in a line house, which they are proud to keep remarkably neat and clean.  Tragedy struck however, when a candle left burning while they were away ignited the press-board ceiling panels destroying the ceiling, rafters, and electrical system.  The masonry structure of their home was undamaged, but with monsoon season fast-approaching, and without any means to repair their home, this humble mother was desperate to provide adequate shelter for her two children.  Thanks to the prompt generosity and care of Murayas's OSI sponsors, Laurie and Duane Saari from the USA, we were able quickly to provide all necessary materials for the complete repair of their home, -from new rafters to fire-proof ceiling materials, to a complete new electrical system.  Murayas and a couple caring cousins did most of the labour themselves (and did an excellent job!), and so it was a pleasure to be able to cooperate with the family to restore their prior living conditions as quickly as possible.


Fire Damage (Mother and Sahira)

Removing the damaged rafters

New rafters placed

Original roofing sheets scarred but sound

Murayas applying sealer over the suit-stained walls

Ceiling framing and sheet installation

Final trim

Nearly finished
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