IRISAsia Eye/Vision Care

18 November 2007 (Pamunugama) | 10 January 2008 (Wattegama)

We are extremely grateful to a wonderful charitable organization called IRIS Asia (International Resources for the Improvement of Sight) for providing free-of-charge, professional eye examinations and follow-up care to all of our Pamunugama and Wattegama children.  Upon learning of our needs, IRIS Asia Sri Lanka coordinator Roger Biggs made an immediate personal effort to include our homes in IRIS Asia's busy schedule in Sri Lanka.  The exams were carried out with the greatest of care by the highly professional staff of Rajapakse Opticians in Sri Lanka, who traveled the long distances to the remote homes.  A number of vision issues were discovered amongst our children, and these too have been promptly addressed by IRIS Asia, including new spectacles provided free of charge, and professional medical care.  Besides the obvious health benefit to these children, IRIS Asia has most certainly contributed to their educational performance as well.  From coordinating the exams, to providing professional staff and quality spectacles and care at no cost, to following up with genuine interest in the welfare of our children, we can't thank Roger and IRIS Asia enough!
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