New Water Supply Line

August 2007

Having provided new hygienic bathrooms and showers, the greatest obstacle in our continuing effort to improve the health and hygiene of the fifty children at Wattegama home has been an inconsistent and growingly inadequate supply of water to the home.  The supply from the public water line was at best infrequent, and during the long dry seasons was completely absent for many days at a time.  We addressed this temporarily by having a water truck deliver water to the home on a near-daily basis, an inconvenient and costly procedure.  To address this critical need on a more permanent basis, we negotiated with Wattegama village municipality to have a line run to the home from their village water stock.  Since the home is outside of the Wattegama municipality, this required the trenching and laying of 1 kilometer of water line.  Wattegama municipality provided their own laborers at a much reduced cost for us.  The resulting cost of labor and 1000 meters of pipe was provided primarily by a donation from OSI sponsor and donor Lynn Thompson, with the balance provided by US charity Children's Culture Connection.  We are extremely grateful to these donors for this critical contribution to our Wattegama children's health, hygiene, and comfort.
Project Cost:  US $485
Donor:  Lynn Thompson, "Children's Culture Connection"
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