Interior Remodel

April 2007

The Pamunugama home is a grand old planter's estate house, its warm character a product of its old age.  Unfortunately, the pealing paint and crumbling masonry are also a result of its old age.  But due to the care and generosity of donor Asanga Seneviratne from right here in Sri Lanka, we've been able to address the problem.  The entire interior of the main house has been remodeled, -masonry repaired, walls painted two-tone, doors and windows repaired and painted, and the floor polished.  This includes the large common room, dining room, and three dormitory rooms.  In addition, the exterior walls of the inner veranda have also been repaired and painted.  Thanks to Mr. Seneviratne, our Pamunugama children have a much cleaner, brighter, and more functional home to live in!
Project Cost:  US $660
Donor:  Asanga Seneviratne

Before and After

Dormitory (before)

Dormitory (after)



Exterior - Veranda (after)
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