Bathroom Reconstructions

October 2006

The Pamunugama home is an ancient house, and while the home for the most part is in good repair, the numerous bathroom and bathing facilities were in dire need of new plumbing, tiling, paint, and fixtures.  The project involved the complete re-plumbing and reconstruction of (1) a double toilet and double shower facility in one of the sleeping dormitories, (2) common bathroom, (3) study room bathroom, (4) sick-room bathroom, and (5) the external bathing/shower building.
Project Cost:  US $2524
Donor:  Connie Carlberg

Before and After

Dormity Bathroom (before)

Dormitory Bathroom (after)

Common Bathroom (before)

Common Bathroom (after)

Sick Room Bathroom (before)

Sick Room Bathroom (after)

Study Room Bathroom (before)

Study Room Bathroom (after)

Bathing/Shower Building
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