Sri Bhakta Hanuman Hindu Temple

16 October 2013

The five school-going girls of our Sunset Villa home had a school holiday, and begged for us to take them on a "trip".  So, we made a two-hour journey by bus to Sri Bhakta Hanuman Temple near Ramboda.  It's one of their favourite places, and they enjoyed a wonderful and inspiring day.

Our Day

We departed our Sunset Villa home at 7:30 in the morning for the bus-ride into Kandy town.  From there, we boarded a bus to Ramboda, arriving at the foot of the temple mountain two hours later.  A short walk up the mountainside lane and we were at the beautiful temple grounds.  We made a brief visit to the temple during last year's Nuwara Eliya trip and have since been anxious to return and spend more time.  The temple is situated in a mystic and remarkably scenic, inspiring location.  It has been a temple site from ancient times, and legend is that the Hindu god Hanuman chose this place to meditate during his legendary sojourns in Sri Lanka, -an important part of Sri Lankan historical lore.  We were accompanied by our dear Matron, as well as Matron's visiting father, our "grandfather", -a lovely man whose presence made our day that much more memorable.


We are grateful to Tony and Pam Barella from the UK for providing a memorable day for our Sunset Villa children, and to Priyalini's sponsors Tony and Susannah Sherwin (UK) as well.  And thanks to Grandfather for accompanying us and providing such a lovely element to our day! :-)
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