Year-End Holidays

28-31 December 2008

Thanks again to the care of their sponsors and the generosity and kindness of dear friends, our Pamunugama children enjoyed a wonderful holiday season again this year.  Many of the children go away to relatives for the holidays, so for those who remain it can be a sad and lonely time.  But instead, they've learned to look forward to this season, and we are so grateful to all of you for this!

Christmas Party

28 December
We first enjoyed a fantastic catered lunch followed by lots of ice-cream, all thanks to sponsor and friend Lisa Bernard.  Early in the evening, we sat around our Christmas tree and opened our gifts from our sponsors, and gift-bags (in lieu of stockings) from our friends Nazia Qidwai and Madlen Krushev.  Again, a special dinner for us (also from Lisa) and then we ended the day with loads of fun fireworks, thanks to our sponsor and friend Kelly Atkinson.  Thanks to all of you for our wonderful day!

Pamunugama Beach

30 December
In the morning, we received a huge box of puzzles, games, and books from our friends at IRISAsia, who never forget us!  We spent the day enjoying these activities, and late in the afternoon made a visit to our lovely Pamunugama beach.

McDonald's Party!

30 December
After returning from the beach, we changed into our favourite clothes and boarded the bus to McDonald's! -where we had a two-hour party of games, dancing, and face-painting, followed by dinner and ice-cream.  Thanks to our dear friend Dinoo Daewar for providing our McDonald's party and dinner (but we're sorry you couldn't join us this year)!  Thanks Dinoo akka!

New Year's Eve

31 December
On New Year's Eve we again enjoyed a special catered dinner, followed by lots of fireworks, all thanks to our dear friend Nina Shopalovich.
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