28 October 2007

Our Wattegama children enjoyed a fun and educational day-trip to Sigiriya, one of the most important and scenic archeological and historical sites in Sri Lanka.  Geologically, Sigiriya is a massive, flat-topped rock rising high out of the jungle treetops in central Sri Lanka.  Historically and archeologically, it's flat top was a citadel and seat of ancient Sinhala King Kasyapa (477-495 AD).  The incredible views serve as the backdrop to the ruins of the ancient city.

Our Day

It was a full day for our children, -6 hours on the bus to and from, 3 hours to explore Sigiriya, and a couple stops at lesser-known archeological sites along the way.  They also enjoyed a wonderful lunch, dinner, ice-cream, and snacks. Below are some photos to share the day!


Thanks to our dear friends right here in Sri Lanka, Rusi and Sharmila Captain, for yet another joyous, educational, and memorable day for our children!
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