Mauli Resort

10 June 2023

It's HOT.  It's DRY.  And it's our year-end break from school! 


Our trip was sponsored by Dina Fesler, the very one who introduced OSI to ASHA many years ago!  Dina has been an OSI-Pune sponsor and supporter ever since, familiar to all of the girls from the numerous visits she has made.

Now when Dina learned that we were not anticipating a trip during our summer holidays this year, she was having none of it!  She immediately stepped up to fund a trip in full, and the fantastic staff of ASHA made a mad dash on short notice to make it happen.  To quote the kids, "Thank you Dina 'Madam!'"

Thanks to the ASHA staff, -Shradha, Yogini, Gadare Bai, and also Anita, for pulling it all together, and for enduring the heat and bumpy bus-ride, all with their usual smiles!  Thanks to Yogini, too, for the great photos and video compilation!

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