Yavat-24 Agro Resort

2 June 2022

Our first excursion in 2 1/2 years, -since the outbreak of COVID! -and the first for our numerous new girls.  We travelled about 60 km east of Pune to Yavat-24 Agro Resort where we toured the farm, had great food, and enjoyed lots of activities.


Our first post-COVID trip was provided by OSI-Pune founding sponsor, donor, and forever friend Lynette Lamb and daughter Grace Gerloff.  Thanks for not forgetting us Lynette and Grace!  We also never forget you!

Thanks as well to Shradha, Yogini, Gadrebai, and the rest of the ASHA staff for arranging another memorable day!

Tip-o' the hat to Yogini at ASHA for the fantastic photography and video production!

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