Hotel Conrad Career Tour

13 July 2019

Our recent 10th, 11th, and 12th standard graduates experienced an exploratory professional tour of Pune's most prestigious five-start hotel; they learned of the variety of career opportunities in the hotel industry

Hotel Conrad is one of the newest and most prestigious hotels in Pune, and a perfect representative of India's substantial five-star hospitality industry.  Not only was Hotel Conrad remarkably open to providing our girls with an educational tour of the hotel, they treated them as five-star guests, besides providing invaluable career information.

Our Day

On arrival at Hotel Conrad our girls were given a warm welcome.  Coming from their Janata Vasahat neighbourhood, it would be expected that the five-star environment would make in immediate impression; but the girls were equally touched by the level of respect and genuine attention they received.  Ms. Prachika (head of HR) then talked to the girls about the wide variety of departments and professions involved in the operation of the hotel, from reception to security to housekeeping and garding; kitchen staff from table service to chefs; office professionals, from accounts to sales/marketing, and managers of each department.  With this knowledge, the girls were then given a tour of the hotel, with particular attention given to each of the above departments, so they could clearly understand the career side of hotel operations.  After their tour, the girls gathered in a conference room where Ms. Prachika gave a Q&A session, and then talked to them specifically about safety and the particular challenges that females face in the hotel industry, and how these are addressed.  She shared specifically how Hotel Conrad trains their staff with a six-month training period, in addition to the person's professional qualification.  She pointed out that the wide variety of departments and skill requirements provides upward-mobility opportunity for employees with initiative, and that Hotel Conrad even supports hotel management training for their most sincere staff.  She also shared that while the benefits and opportunities are good, the hours are long and demanding, and that every position requires real physical and mental stamina.  The day ended with the girls enjoying unlimited tea and pastries, and Rubjar provided a fitting vote of thanks to Ms. Pratiksha and Hotel Conrad for all that the girls had learned.
"The teamwork and coordination of all the different departments is really amazing."
"Besides professional skills, the staff also learn fantastic manners and etiquettes."
"I never realized how complex is the operation of a five-star hotel."

Arrival at Hotel Conrad - 10th, 11th, & 12th graduates

Ms. Prachika advises our girls
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