Morachi Chincholi

22 January 2017

By popular demand, another rural trip for our girls, this time returning to Morachi Chincholi, a favourite destination that our older girls remember from a few years ago; a day on the farm with lots of activities, great food, and peacocks joining us in the evening!




Our trip was provided by a grant from University Lutheran Church of Hope, Minneapolis, USA, and by our dear friends Gavin Challand (London, UK) and Lynette Lamb (Minneapolis, USA).  Gavin and Lynette sponsor Nidhi and Rohini, which made both girls especially proud!  Each child's OSI sponsor also contributed.  So thanks to all of you for another great escape and fantastic memory for these very deserving girls!

And thanks as always to Mukta, Madhavi, Priyanka, and Gadrebai for coordinating (and enduring) it all!

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