Orchard Resort

14 April 2016

To celebrate the end of the school year and the launch of their 'summer' break, our girls enjoyed a purely recreational day-trip to a small amusement/water park near Pune

Alas, our school year has come to an end!  Our 10th and 12th standard girls sat their graduating exams in February/March, followed by the rest of our girls these past two weeks.  So after these past few months of intense study and preparation, we are happy to see the end of the school year and the beginning of our 'summer' break!  To celebrate, thanks to OSI-Pune sponsor and best friend Lynette Lamb, we enjoyed an easy and fun day-trip to 'Orchard Resort,' -a small amusement park near Khed Shivapur, a short bus-ride south of Pune.

Our Day

We departed our Janata Vasahat neighbourhood at about 7:30 in the morning, -fifty-four girls and four staff in a single bus.  Singing and dancing as usual, we arrived at Orchard Resort an hour later.  We explored the park-like facility, and then enjoyed a south-Indian breakfast of idli sambar.  As it's the hottest time of year in central India, by the time we finished breakfast at mid-morning, we were more than eager to explore the water park!  Before we knew it, three hours had passed! -and we had played-up an appetite once again.  So mid-afternoon we changed into dry clothes and enjoyed a fantastic lunch in the cool cafeteria.  After lunch, we relaxed and enjoyed the other amusements of the resort, including train rides for the younger kids (and a few anonymous elder), and various activities and games.  Finally, we were all treated to strawberry ice-cream before boarding the bus back to Pune at nearly 5:00pm.  Below is a photo chronology to share our day with you:


Our trip to Orchard Resort was due to the generosity of Lynette Lamb, as well as each of our girls' sponsors.  It's just the latest trip that Lynette has provided for us, in addition to supporting our administrative effort in Pune ever since we began there in 2008.  Oh, and she's Rohini's sponsor as well :-)  Thanks yet again Lynette!  And thanks to our girls' sponsors too!
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