Saras Baug Park

27 February 2011

OSI-Pune site sponsor Lynette Lamb provided us with a wonderful day-trip and picnic to her favourite park in Pune, Saras Baug, where we enjoyed the expansive landscaped grounds, lots of fun games, and a picnic breakfast and lunch

Our Day

Saras Baug Park is only about one kilometer from our Janata Vasahat neighborhood.  So we gathered at 9:00 in the morning and all walked together to the park.  After a walk through the park, we enjoyed a picnic breakfast, followed by lots of fun games arranged by Yogita, Premala, and Mukta.  When we were thoroughly exhausted, we enjoyed a tasty picnic lunch in the shade and then a bit of free time before heading back to our community at about 1:30pm.  Below are some fun photos to share our day with you!...


Thanks again to our dear friend Lynette Lamb for providing our fun day, and for sharing this special place with us!  Thanks also to Yogita, Premala, and Mukta for coordinating our day and having as much endurance as the kids!
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