Sanskruti Culture Park

21 February 2010

Our dear friend Lynette Lamb visited us again from the US, and among other things provided for a fun and educational day-trip for us to "Sanskruti Culture Park" near Pune

Our Day

We chartered a bus, which picked us all up just outside of our Janata Vasahat neighborhood at 9:30am.  After a one-hour drive out of town, we arrived at Sanskruti Culture Park where we spent the entire day taking part in various cultural activities including pottery lessons, henna, painting, dancing, puppet shows, and magic acts.  We also had plenty of time just to play and wander the beautiful landscaped grounds of the park, and best of all we had a fantastic breakfast and lunch!


Thanks again to our dear friend Lynette Lamb for providing this fantastic day trip, and creating another very special childhood memory for us! (Lynette is also OSI-Pune Program Site Sponsor).  Thanks also, as usual, to wonderful Madhavi and Sangita for coordinating the day, amongst their other endless efforts for us!
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