26 August 2000 - 13 April 2020

The world has lost a hero, and we have lost a source of our own inspiration.

On 13 April at the age of 19, Evgeni lost the last of many battles he had fought with chronic illness.  He had defied the odds on so many occasions but alas, he felt his work was finished, satisfied that he leaves us all in a better state than that in which he found us.

The first half of Evgeni's life was spent in the most dire of state institutions in which he received minimal care or interaction   In 2010, in coming to Cedar Foundation's new home in Kyustendil, Evgeni's personality quickly began to unearth itself.   And in the course of time, the incredible generosity of this personality became an important element in the atmosphere of the home, -a consistent positive presence for the other children, and somehow even a silent counsellor to stressed home staff.   For the rest of us, Evgeni was a shining example of virtues we lack, and a revelation of our own vices by his own lack therof.

In these ten years we have strived to bring the world to Evgeni.  But with his passing we realize how much Evgeni brought to our world.

Photos - A few more photos of Evgeni...