Summer Camps

Summer 2023

Osogovo Mountain

24 July - 4 August

The first half of our annual tradition:  Our Kyustendil youth enjoyed a week in a lodge and its surrounds on Osogovo mountain, not far from their Kyustendil home.  The youth were divided into two groups, each group enjoying a week at the lodge in their turn.  They daily enjoyed long walks during which they gathered various herbs such as oregano and thyme, and had their of wild strawberries and raspberries.  They also collected an abundance of natural materials for their future art works, and visited nearby landmarks such as Chapel of Apostles Peter and Paul.  Back at the lodge, they played outdoor games and enjoyed free time in the fresh and cool mountain air.  It was an unseasonably hot summer in Kyustendil, so the coolness of the mountain climate was especially appreciated.

Primorskovo Seaside

1-6 September

The second half of our annual tradition:  Ten of our Kyustendil youth enjoyed a week at the seaside where they enjoyed wading in the sea, walks in the town, swimming in the hotel's grand swimming pool, and loads of great food.  The weather was grand right up to the last day, when an early-fall storm kept them inside most of the day.  But by that point they appreciated time to play games and rest after their exciting and active week.  The week was both fun and relaxing for everyone, including our social therapists who enjoyed the sea alongside our young people.


Our grand summer camps were provided by the family of the late Peter Antonellis, past president of Region Nine Housing Corporation in New Jersey, USA.  Both the Antonellis family and R9 are long-time supporters of OSI's special needs children in Bulgaria.  The Antonellis family provides these forever memories for our kids as a living memorial to Peter's own lifetime of activism and generosity.
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