26 September 2018

On the brink of Bulgaria's abrupt change of seasons, our Kyustendil children enjoyed one last day of warmth and sunshine at a park and historical site near Rupite in the scenic southwest corner of Bulgaria...

While only three hours away from Kyustendil, Rupite is a substantially warmer climate.  It's also an arid landscape, quite different from other places our Kyustendil children have been.  And the children's own development and behaviour meant that we could confidently take them a bit further afield this time.  They left Kyustendil on a particularly frigid morning, and patiently enjoyed the changing scenery on the three-hour journey to Rupite.  Arriving near lunch time, they happily spread out in the park-like grounds and enjoyed a picnic lunch.  After lunch there were walks through the park, singing, dancing, and games arranged by the home staff.  A few hours later, they boarded their colourful bus for the journey home, goodbye to summer, see you next year...


It's hard to acknowledge and anonymous donour but... here it is! :-)  And since you've done this many times before, we're forever grateful to you for these opportunities that last a day, and for memories that will last a lifetime.
And it's truly humbling to acknowledge the incredible staff of Cedar's Kyustendil home, who do impossible work with such patience, skill, and love.  Thanks as well to OSI's visiting VP/Treasurer Nicholas Tummillo for accompanying us!  And finally, to the KIDS, for making our day as grand as yours!
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