Mountain & Seaside Holidays

August 2018

It's becoming a tradition... for the third year in a row, for their summer holiday each of our Kyustendil children got to choose between the seaside or the mountains

...and with grand memories of the past two years, the kids mostly chose the same destinations, with much enthusiasm.  Roughly half chose Osogovo Mountain near Kyustendil, while the remainder were happy to endure the long trek to the Black Sea beaches.

Osogovo Mountain

Eleven children and nine staff spent five glorious days on Osogovo Mountain.  They were well accommodated at a beautiful and friendly mountain lodge, and spent their days walking in the nearby fields and forests, gathering herbs, flowers, and berries, and playing outdoor games.  The high staff ratio meant that each child received a lot of individual attention, their individual needs provided for so that they could enjoy their holiday to the fullest.  On one particular walk, the children encountered a public picnic area that was quite appealing to them, yet had been long neglected.  On the next day, on their own initiative, they chose to return to the picnic spot with tools in hand, and did a grand job of sprucing it up for the enjoyment of future visitors.

A walk in Nesebar town

Ravda Seaside

Once again, our elder youth mostly opted for the seaside.  Twelve youth and eight staff travelled the breadth of Bulgaria to their familiar holiday town of Ravda on the Black Sea.  They spent their mornings on the beach, stuffed themselves with lunch, and then spent the afternoons walking in the town or visiting nearby sites like historic Nesebar (where they happened upon a street concert which gave them great joy!).  They enjoyed ice-creams on the way back to their lodgings, and spent the long summer evenings singing or playing sports or games.  Also noteworthy, on the long journey back to Kyustendil, they enjoyed their first ever visit to McDonald's and guess what?  They're loving it! :-D

Mornings at the beach

Afternoon walks in the town


We cannot enumerate the countless opportunities that OSI donor and dear friend Kathleen Malony of New Jersey, USA, has provided for OSI children worldwide.  This now includes the full cost of BOTH of the above trips, even enabling us to provide maximum child/staff ratio.  Kate's generosity is a real sacrifice, and we can only hope that she too cherishes the memories that she has created for these deserving youth.  It's hardly enough to say, "Thank You Kate!"
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