Resilovo Monastery & Nevestino Park

5 September 2017

One final late-summer day trip for our Kyustendil children, visiting a convent and its bucolic surrounds, and enjoying a riverside park on the way home...

Resilovo - Pokrov Bogorodichen Monastery

Our children have a nice memory of a visit three years ago to "Pokrov Bogorodichen" convent near the village of Resilovo, about an hour from Kyustendil, where they were treated with utmost kindness by the resident nuns.  So they were eager to visit these lovely friends again.  Indeed, the nuns received the children warmly and were happy again to see these youth who have grown and matured since they last met three years ago.  The kids were divided into smaller groups, with a nun accompanying each into the monastery and chapel, guiding them in lighting candles and saying a prayer for their health and prosperity.  One of the nuns had a very nice approach to Georgi, who is going through a difficult period, and managed to engage him in different activities – to help in the kitchen, to arrange the table for lunch, etc.  He is also invited for next year to spend more time in the Monastery during the summer break and help out.  After lunch, the children and young adults gave hand-made presents to the nuns for their hospitality.  In return the ladies gave treats to our youth and invited them to come back again next year.  Before boarding the bus, the children enjoyed wandering in the pasture and grove outside of the monastery.

Happy arrival at the monastery

Entering the monastery grounds in silence

Lighting candles in the chapel

Nevestino - Riverside Park

About halfway back to Kyustendil, we passed through the picturesque and village of Nevestino, with it's ancient arched bridge and lovely riverside park.  After our silence and good behaviour at the monastery, at the park we were free to dance, sing, and play!

Dancing and games in the park

Having a rest
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