Mountain & Seaside Holidays

August 2017

By popular demand!  A virtual repeat of last year, by their own choice our eldest youth simply could not wait to visit the seaside again, while our younger children were eager to head to the mountains; and once again, some dear friends made sure it happened...

Last year was the first time we were able to provide Week-long summer vacations for our children and youth.  Given a choice, our younger children chose the nearby mountains, while our young adults chose the seaside.  They were immensely pleased with their decision! -and so chose the same destinations this year.

Osogovo Mountain

August 7-11, August 31-4 September
This year we took our 14 children in two 'shifts' on the above dates, 7-8 children each week-long shift, so that we could focus more on each child's individual experience.  Last year they discovered their love of hiking in the mountains, picking flowers, and finding herbs and berries that they could actually consume, and various sports, dance, and games in the evenings.  So this year we focused on conforming these pleasurable activities to fit each child's therapeutic needs.  Mitko, Avzira, Dimka, and Maria eagerly walked more than they ever have! -and reached each destination exhausted, but with smiles on their faces.  Even fragile Evgeni was able to be with us, and his silent smile during our walks exhibited his love of nature too.  As with last year, they stayed at the "Triti Buki" (Three Beeches) lodge and had an abundance of great food from the familiar staff.

Overjoyed to arrive again at our familiar holiday spot!

Ravda Seaside

August 25 - September 1
Our eight eldest youth (those who live in supervised semi-independent apartments) again enjoyed a 7-day holiday at the seaside.  All summer they awaited this trip with great anticipation, remembering their grand experience from last year.  Two vehicles transported these youth and staff across the breadth of Bulgaria to Ravda, where they stayed in the same lovely cabanas as last year, within walking distance of the scenic and historic town of Nessebar.  The hosts were familiar faces for our youth, were anticipating their return, and gave them the warmest welcome.  The weather was grand during the entire week, and our youth enjoyed daily visits to the beach, walks in Nesebar, and evening games, song, and dance in the playground.  Even though they were far from home, with a few momentary exceptions, our youth were remarkably calm and happy for the whole week!

Timid first visit to the beach

Evenings on the playground


Our grand summer holidays were provided by the many caring individuals at Region Nine Housing Corporation (USA).  It's just the latest of what RNHC has provided for our children, in addition to providing substantial improvements to our kids' homes.  In the past, such trips- and the memories they create for the kids- were something far beyond our reach and hopes.  This year it wouldn't have happened without RHNC's generosity.  And beyond generosity, we're always touched by the personal interest and care expressed by the individuals at RNHC; and that support genuinely gives us a moral boost to keep moving forward :-).  Sincere thanks, again, to all of you at Region Nine!
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