16 June 2017

Our Kyustendil children enjoyed a picnic and frolic in the fairytale land that is the Bulgarian highlands in springtime...

As much as we try to fill their daily lives with stimulation, our Kyustendil children seem to most enjoy those excursions where we let nature achieve that task.  We've experienced the same with our India children, and so more and more our excursions have become simpler, with a minimal agenda, but to locations where nature fills the day of her own accord.  And today was no exception!  We hired a colourful bus, and departing mid-morning we made our way up the Osogovo mountside just outside of Kyustendil.  Climbing through forest and quaint villages, our destination was 'Iglika', -the local name of a plateu of rolling meadows, peppered with oak trees.  Fabulous weather, neither hot nor cool, the occasional cloud appearing on cue just before the sun became too intense.  After taking in the view from our picnic spot, we ventured on a long walk through groves and meadows, plucking wildflowers along the way (silent Vesela was careful only to pick colours she did not already have in her bouquet).  After our walk, we rested in our shady picnic spot and enjoyed a very full lunch.  After lunch we played games and danced, while Maria preferred just to lie in the sun with her eyes closed and a smile on her face.  And then, it was late afternoon and time to go, -several hours having insensibly passed, and our departure was the only sad moment of our truly fantastic day!
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