Tsari Mali Grad

21 September 2016

Thanks to their OSI sponsors, our children enjoyed an autumn excursion to Tsari Mali Grad, a beautiful and historic mountain-top site

Tsari Mali Grad means "the kings' little city".  It's the new name given to an ancient site only recently preserved and made accessible.  The ruins are of an ancient Roman fortress, perched high on an precipitous hilltop, in beautiful park-like surrounds.  Most exciting of all, a funicular lift carries visitors from the village below, with broad winding nature trails as an alternative.
For the most mobile of our kids who enjoyed their mountain holiday in August, as well as a few others who missed out, it was exciting to spend one more day in the outdoors as fall sets in.  We've become seasoned hikers now, and it has become one of our favourite activities!  Tsari Mali Grad is a beautiful hour's drive from our home so it was an easy trip.  At Tsari Mali Grad, the funicular was exciting, the historical structures intriguing, the park beautiful, and the hike back down gave us some exercise.  At the bottom we visited a small museum before heading home.  Here are a few photos to share!  It was a bit cloudy and cool, but we didn't mind!
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