Dupnitsa - Rila Park

19 May 2016

On a beautiful spring day, our Kyustendil children enjoyed a trip to lovely Rila Park near the town of Dupnitza

Thanks to the generosity and care of long-time OSI sponsor Diane Capalario, our Kyustendil kids enjoyed a wonderful spring-time excursion and picnic.  These past weeks have been rather cool and cloudy, so we were gambling with the weather, though for the same reason the kids really needed a day out in the sunshine.  As it turned out, the weather could not have been better, -full sunshine, perfect temperature.  We hired a particularly colourful bus and departed our Kyustendil home at about 9:00 in the morning, for the pleasant one-hour journey to Dupnitza.  Upon arrival, we enjoyed a morning walk through the park, followed by lots of activities and games organized by the home staff.  The staff also then prepared a very full picnic lunch for us in one of the park pagodas (...we had giant ├ęclairs for dessert!)  After lunch we had a short rest in the park lawn, and then wandered up to the lake where we spent some time on the paddle-boats, -the highlight of the day, as for most of us it was our first time!  Another wander through the park and a visit to the small zoo, we finally boarded our bus back to Kyustendil at 2:00pm.  Below are a few photos to share the day with you!


Our trip to Rila Park was due primariliy to the generosity of long-time OSI supporter and dear friend Diane Capalario, as well as from each of the kids' individual sponsors.  Our trip is just the latest kindness that Diane has provided for OSI children over the course of many years.  Oh, and she's Zaprin's sponsor as well :-)  Thanks yet again Diane! And thanks to our Kyustendil kids' sponsors too! 
And finally, thanks to Elena and the truly incredible home staff who accompanied the children, took care of every need, and made it so enjoyable for them!  They are truly an inspiration!
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